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Rules Of Attraction

OK, first of all, I love Brett Easton Ellis. American Psycho was the only book of his that I have read, but I'll be getting ROA this week. What a good movie! Now, I have't read the book, and American Psycho the movie sucked compared to the book so I'm hoping that ROA will be a great read!
It wasn't as weird as Psycho (again, need to read the book) but it was just as warped. Van der Beek was great I thought.
There are a lot of sex scenes and a very graphic sucide scene but that's Ellis I guess.
Don't read further if you haven't seen it!!!!

I was in awe twice during this movie. Once while (forgive me, I am bad at remebering character names) James VdB was talking to the girl and they had a split screen then went to full screen in a sweeping kind of way. That was great photography!!!!
Then, when they showed the girl who was writing him the letters and she was ALL throughout the movie! We didn't notice her anymore than he did!!! I thought that was just great story telling. Anyway, I'd love to hear from someone who read the book or saw the movie.
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