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Now, for anyone who is a fan of American Pie's I and II, you will be deeply disappointed by this movie!

Right off, I noticed that they waaaaaay overdid with Stifflers character. They magnified his lewdness to the umpteenth degree. It was IRRITATING throughout most of the movie.

Also they really tried to outdo the movie's characteristic gross factor that you've come to expect. It was not even funny half the time. It was just plain stupid and gross. I mean, you've come to expect gross, embarrassing, sexual situations from American Pie's characters. Why should it be any different this time?

Well the least they could have done was make them original and unexpected. They didn't. In fact, most of the situations that were meant to be embarrassing and funny left me feeling embarrassed for the actors in this movie. I'm sure they didn't think it was all that great!

This is what I found out AFTER the movie that helped to explain a lot of things. First, (and this I had a feeling about) it wasn't even the same director as A.P.'s I & II. Brand new Director. Its Bob Dylans son. He bought the film rights to make a third installment.

Also, budget was very limited so 5 of the original cast members from A.P. I & II could not be afforded. They left out Chris Klein, Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth (although I couldn't figure out how they could write her character in again), Tara Reid and Natasha Lyone.

So overall I would give this movie 1 star for a half decent story line and for bringing back Stifflers mom! At least they got something right.
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